David Theunissen, the Amsterdam-based musician has emerged in the underground Psy-Trance scene in early 2017. His early work, dating back to 2012, consisted of Minimal House productions, influenced by the likes of Louie Cut, Jon Mesquita and Chapeleiro from the Brazilian underground Dance Music scene, where he grew up in. As his taste developed into more psychedelic sounds, the Dutch producer and multi-instrumentalist started incorporating his even earlier influences of Rock N' Roll, Blues, Metal and Classical Music into his sound. Early releases such as "Dawn Of Change", "Opar" and "Desert Sand" brought an early consolidation of his sonic identity as well as settling him into the Brazilian and European underground scene. Middle-D constantly searches for innovation through the infusion of genres, cultures and self-crafted sound design.

Ever since he has released on Alien Records, X7M Records, BHM Records and collaborated with household names such as Slava, Alchimyst and Invader Space.

Middle-D is a must-see act in the Psy-Trance world, with live performances vibrating with the energy of solid bass lines, powerful grooves, epic harmonies and stage presence.

In recent years, David felt an urge to share his wealth of knowledge on music production and sound design to up and coming producers and artists. Ever since he has dedicated and immense amount of time on creating high quality courses, sample packs and presets. 



Take your production to the next level with this amazing sample pack crafted for professional, modern Psy-Trance sound! Its content includes:

- 10 Kicks

- 20 Snares & Claps

- 5 Big Snares

- 100 Percussions

- 30 Drum Fills

- 10 Basses & 25 Bass Shots

- 10 Cinematic Drum Hits

- 10 Cinematic Drum Loops

- 160 FXs & 10 Uplifters

- & Much More!


Graduated at The Art Institute of Vancouver in Audio Production, I am a highly qualified and experienced mix and mastering engineer. Over the course of a decade, I have perfected my craft working across a variety of genres such as Rock 'N Roll, Pop, Country and many sub-genres of EDM music.

Through extensive experience in recording, engineering, mixing and mastering in various setups, gear combinations and locations across more than a decade, there really isn't a mixing or mastering challenge I cannot take.

Send in your track, album or EP to be mixed and/or mastered by an experienced and qualified audio professional!

What I guarantee in your Mixes:

Compliance to all mixing and quality standards (Radio-Ready)
A very reliable pair of ears to find the perfect balance to your mix
High quality processing through top-end quality gear
Top notch monitoring speakers for maximum transparency
Perfect translation in all audio systems achieved through an acoustically treated environment
Perfect compatibility to mono systems (1.0)

What I guarantee in your Masters:

Compliance to all streaming platforms' audio format, loudness and quality standards
High quality processing through top-end quality gear
Top notch monitoring speakers for maximum transparency
Perfect translation in all audio systems achieved through an acoustically treated environment
Delivery of any audio formats necessary
Perfect compatibility to mono systems (1.0)


My career as a musician, producer and audio professional started out just about 15 years ago. My first mission was to become an accomplished guitar player, followed by gathering complete musical education through learning many different instruments and studying at Berklee College of Music. Then came the passion for audio and music producing, which was fueled by an education at The Art Institute of Vancouver for Audio Production & Engineering.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, I know very well through experience how long and difficult it can be for one to reach its goals in Music and/or Audio Production & Engineering. There is a lot of dedication, time and money to be spent.

However, through my wide range of experiences in this endless and rich industry, I offer an incredible wealth of knowledge in many subjects of the musical world, and the best part is I am eager to share EVERYTHING that I know to those who are willing to learn. My core belief is that knowledge is wealth, and sharing it is a responsibility!

With 1-On-1 Lessons, I can help you reach any goals you aim for, from learning basic music theory to navigating complex audio signal paths. Everything is fair game!

What You Can Learn With Me:

Music Theory (Basic to Advanced)
Musical Composition in all genres
Music Production (Basic to Advanced)
Recording Techniques and Mixing Concepts
Audio Fundamentals & Engineering (Basic to Advanced)
Synthesis and Sound Design
Arrangement and Instrumentation in all genres 
Guitar Lessons (Basic to Advanced)
Mastering Concepts



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